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Our company has completed the signing of the airbus transpor
  • 2016-07-20
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       Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co., Ltd has signed the supply contracts of airbus A320 large aircraft components transport fixture with Tianjin Boned Zone Investment Co. and Airbus company in Tianjin on April, 25th, 2016. Our company is responsible for providing transport fixture which will fasten, support and protect the assembly parts during the transportation process of the large aircraft components of airbus A320, the total contract price is about 593 million yuan.

       In 2007, our company came out on top from 14 bidding companies, became the first general contract of transport fixture and provided transport fixture for A320 series and A350 series in the past few years. The service object has expanded from Tianjin assembly line to Europe assembly line and America assembly line. Our company is highly applauded by Airbus company because of excellent product quality, timely delivery and the project team who worthily fights a hard battle. The cooperation represents further maturity of the technology and product in aviation equipment field of our company, also represents further deepening and stability of the cooperation between our company and the Airbus company.  

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